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trying to gettmoney you doo't really to stop it before anding (batts) "we continue with the harr work, we continue ith the innovation anddbeing bold and trying newwandddifferent th" things.." baltimore's new his first full day on the jobb city. stink bugs... are backk the best way to keep them froo getting into your homee and... one bank s ordered to pay 200 miilion dollars to its customers.what they did... and in the mail.. 3 3 3 3 &p33 -3 wednesday, september 26.
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baltimore's new police commissioner takes the job a few days early. early. anttony batts is on the job right now, aad jjel d. smith is live t police heedquarters with thh reasoos why e's already in charge.... and what his style of crime fighting might llok like. ggod morninggjoel d. good morning guys.... anthony batts was scheduled o be swwrn in announcement on twitter ise taking over tuesday. tuesday. we told you first... live on our morning show about thh channe and here is what the depaatment tweeted out a littteelater... the official photo of anthony batts being sworn in. why? the department annouuced monday that actinggpolice commissioner anthonyybarksdale is taking medical leave indefinitely, so taking the top spotta couple days eaaly just makes sense. &pbattt was the mayor's pick fo police commissioner, and even cootract, he still has to be that hearing is set for next month. we've spoken the nnw commissioner a number of &ptimes, and heealways says his
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focus s on being close to the people e serves. (batts) "the community needs to be able to touch me, be what they're imperatives are. - the community. so, these are huge for me.."(ms. hawks/neighbor) we loved bealefelddand we have great baatimore needs some attention.. attention."batts has decades enforcemeet.. heaaing up long beach. moot recently he was the -e-o of a police consultinggfirr and served as homicide numbers in decades. when we're back here next half hour, we'll hear more from batts, on what thinns of those efforts, and if those police headquarters, joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. a maa shot monday in east baltimore has died from his inj. injuries.poliie say anthony kkyser was shot in is backyard on north linwood around 4 in the afternoon. - witnesses ssy hh'd been sitting on his back steps... then stood up to open the
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gate, and gunshots rang word on a suspect or motive. is accused of leaving her her - &pchildren... someeas young aa &pfour months ld... alone in a a while she robbed - man.tameka wright's five chhldree were found alone in odenton. police say ood james reid... assaulted and robbed a man at the same hotel laaeesaturday night. the victim told police where the suspects were stayyng... and when police went to to that hotel room, they ffund the childrennby themselvee. (((police)))) "yeah its unusuul and certainly a disturbing as well. i mean ya have a robbery and tten you have ccildren who during the robbery are leff unatteeded and and again theseechildren were very oung in age. " "the children were placed in the cussody of a relative. the departmenttof social serrices is now investigating. convicted kkller george huguely ii appealing his convic. conviction.his attorneys filed huguely was convicted earlier this year of econd degrre murder and grand laaceny... in connection with the death of
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his ex-girlfriiend... u-v-a lacrosse player yeardley love. sse was ound dead in her graduation in may 2010.last - month, the judge sentenced huguely to 23 years innprison for thhecrimes. soldiers aa forr meade nnw haae to undergo mandatory suicide prevention training. leaders of the army installation have scheduled multtpll sessions today for all ssrvice's part of an army- wide move to address the rising nummer of &psuicides among soldiers... after the number of suicides in july doubled in less than a month. the mannaacused of going on a deadly shooting spree at ort hood ii texas... is major idal weekend and was tteated for an his attorney says the cause was not self- inflicted.hasan is accused of killing 13 people and injuring 32 others after opening fire in 2009. iran's president takes the stage at the u-n general assemblyytoday... but he may not have mmch of an audience. as mary ellen hopkkns
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explains... ssme world leaders are expected to walk out in protest when mahmoud ahmadinejad speaks. 3 with his final termmwinding down... this will likely bee speech as iraniannpresident. and he's in tte spotlight even before taking hh ppdium. president obama told the general aasembly on tuesday phat iran has failed, time and pgain, tt demonstrate its nuclear rograa is peaceful - and meet its u-n obligations. america wwnts to resolve this through diplomaay and we believe there is still ttme and space to do so. but that contained. on the campaign ke n& trail, republican riial mitt romney rail, republican on thh campaign that can be trail, repubbican rival mitt romney said the president'' approach o iran has not &pworked. words are words. you neee to show the kind of we'rr saying. former president bill clinton told cnnns pierr morgan tonight" he doesn't
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bblievv iran's nuclear program is only ffr peaceffl purposes, off cam: do you truut ahmadinejadd clinttn: notton intervvew that aireddeaalier this week, ahmadinejad reflected on his upcoming speech. i aveebeen coming o the united natioos general assembly for eiigt years noo, relations wiih all nations, y and the objective is still the same. representatives of varioos countries have walkkdd out in protest durrng ahmadinejad's previous speeches. we'll see what happens today. i'm mary ellen hopkins reporting. in addition o iraa's president... egypt's newly electeddpresident will also speak at tte u-n geeeraa assembly today. &p3 this hit show "jerrey shore" is theeinspiration behind a jersey.a state assemblyman sey. calls the "snookiville law"... which would regulate reality show filming.under the law... towns could do things like require the showssto pay for pelp with crowds.he says the
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shows are good for boosting local ecooomy... but he doesn't waat public safety to be compromised. the u-s posttl service's financial situation is looking service is required by law to pay the federal government five-point-six-billion beneeits for retirees. but it doesn't have the money. for now, the cash shortage won't affect your maal.but he running out of money by the spring unless congress acts soon.and that could mean drastic cuts to the maill ddlivery system. football fans ren't the only ones upset about some ponnrooersial calls... made by the n-f-lls replacement reff. refs.casinos in las vegas are speaking ut... saying they're sports betting.some gambliig expertt say it's likely fans could pull back on their football betting... if replacement refs continue to bb used. 3 3the orioles merchandise stores
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are raking in the dough! as the irds try to make it to the playoffs.... merchandise is flying off the shelvess saaes are up almoss 300 peecent. analysis by" sports one source".... a research firmm focused on the sporting goods industry... nationwide the spike in sales increased late orioles gear still accounts &pmarket. but that's a big inccease over last year when that umber sagged toopoint 5 3 &pyou support the eam you buy the roduct... product... deal....ww're hoping the o's &pcan wii tonight... tonight...sales at nearby peecent thhs summer driven by - orioles gear. a high-speed policc hase
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ended in a crash. and you won't believe who police say was behind the wheel. 3
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let's say you want to get ahead in your career. how do you get from here... to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring that out sooner. in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. a 13 year-old is aacused of
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stealinggthis car, leading and crashing the happened in nootherr califorria. it all started when officers spotted the reported stolen police say he 13-yeaa-old took off ann flipped he car about a mleelater. hh teen was rushed to the hossital after the crash, but asslater released into his mother's ((2-shot toss to ((ad lib meteorollgist))
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,33 3 are you our biggest an?then you can become.. ouu fan of everyday we'll pick one of our viewers from our facebook page... ann feature them on fox44 news at become a fan just go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash foxbaltimooe.
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3the high price..of hhgher educ. education.up next... we meet a young college graduate ...putting her medical school can't affoordit.because she it.aad... could a check be &pcoming your way?the bank... that's paying out big...for false advertisment. ((bump out)) anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. afforrinn ccllege is often a
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challenge for american students and their parentss this pressdential election has been talking a lot about plans to help the middle classspay for higher education.christine who shows just how squeezed tte middle class is. is. &p3&p--reporrer pkg-as follows - whennjackie giovaniello graduated from brown university this year, she putt off going straight to medical school, instead, taking a research job at ssoan-kettering hospital."it's nice to have a paying job, full-time, where i can pay back part of my med school and possibly adding &pon a lot moree"and she ad plenty of thhm: 100 thousand dollars' worthhwhy? her ffmily is middle class -- mother works in a school and they're considered too wealthy to qualify for mann grants -- but - shee ays - not wealthy enough toohave savee the money to pay for thh morr than fifty-thousand a year to atteed brown. "when you're inn normal suburban family-- but - you just don't make an
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outrageous amount of money --- so you cannt pay for these &poutrageous prices for tuutton yoo know."she's not allne. student loaa debt hit 1-trillion dollars last year. even tuition for ppblic four year cooleges rose 68 percent over the past decade.(nats) enter the preeidential campaign -- with college affordability a key issue for younger voters."" want to make college mmre aafordaale for every young person who has the initiative and drrve to go, and make sure they're not burdened by thousands of dollaas' worth of debt." &ppresident obama has expanded pell grants, and cut out the banks as middlemen for loans -- allowing studenns to porrow directly from the povernment. now, obamm growth y increasing state grants.yet -- he'd need congress to hell fund thaa. promise free stuff that you &pwill nd up paying for. what want to do is get ou a greet job, so you can pay ittback yourself." mitt romney's lan
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burdensomm regulattons, and get the government out of the ssudent loan uuiness.romney says the flood of fedeeal dollars just drives up tuition. molly corbett broad of the american council on education pointssout the recession's also a factor."when the states reduces its support, the only other placc to turn for most colleges in the public sector is to increase tuition."either way, students ike jjckie feel left ut in the ccld."a lot of in coolege or don't have kids my aae just think that, oh, you're either wealthy enough to go to college or you get finannial aid from the &pgovernment. it's that simple. but it's not thht simple." christine romans, cnn, new york.-----end----- ccn.script----- a big bankk.. paying out... ouu...the reason behind many people getting checks (((rrak 3)) 3
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3 3 --reporter pkg-as
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folloos --discovvr bank is &prefunding $200 million dollar to morr han three and a half million customers.why? becauue of deceptive telemarketing. a joint investigation by the consumer financcal protection bureau and the f-d-i-c found were misleading customers.they tricked ccstomers into ps - purchasing credit card "add ons," like identity theft protection ann credit score tracking.telemarketers often implied these enefits were free -- buu they weree't. and recorded sales calls found fast when explaining cost and produut terms.some evenn processed urchases without the customer agreeing to it. discover says it will stop deceptivv sales tactics, aad ppy a $11 millloo olllr -&pen of the $200 million ollars in customer reeunds. the average refund will be $57 dolllrs, which customers should reccive by earll next year. the amount depends on tte roduct customers bought and also hhw long theyyhave had ii.after issuing the accion against discovvrr theeconsumer financial protection uueau
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put other ccmpanies on alert.. it says finaacial instituttons should review their marketing practices to make sure they aren't deceiving orrmisleading customers. i'm alison kosik in new york. a man... pulled over who ...or what... he bllmes... por his cciie. crime. 3 3crime. crime.blames... for his who ...or what... he bizarre ... who ...or what... he blames... for his crime. crime. bth - unversal service fund people who work hard, manage their finances, and pay their billl on ttme aae forceddto pay for free cell phones and airtime for those who don't. in the government's liffline don't. in the airtime for those who free cell phones and time are fooced toopay for and pay their bills on manage pheir finances, ppople who work hard, service ffndbth - pnversal service fundpeople who work hard, manage thhii on ttme are forcee to pay for for those who don't. in the governmenttsslifeline program. fund is a pass-thrr fee the - phooe companies ccarge yyu that they in-turr give to the government. essentially it's a 16% ax.the lifelinn program
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haa been around for 15 years. phan doubled from $$00 million in 20088to more thann$2 billion today. approximately 12 million people have gotten free phoness according to one million households qqalify investigations have found unqualifiee recipients, reeiiients getting multiple phonns, and extra phones beiig sold to drug dealers. theegao fouud the program rife with fraud, wastt & abuse.the lifeline program is only a symptom. the underlyiig &pproblee is the uuiveesal service fund. it is a multi-billion dolllr slush panaged by the ffderaa fuels crony capptalism, and providds political beneeits to those savvy enough to capitalize on is another government rogram that picks the pocket of the working people. bolish tte universal servicc fund.for more on this story visit beeind the us twitttr and facebook. i'm mmrk hyman. us twitttr and facebook. i'm [ fishing rod casting line, mband playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy.
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♪ ooh, yeah, ooh-ooh, yeah [ female announcer ] introducing new special k popcorn chips. with 28 buttery chips for 120 calories, you can bring the flavor of the movies home and still stay on track. freedom to enjoy. what will you gain when you lose? find them in the cracker aisle. forgee punxsutawney phil weather predictions from a maryland blue crab.tonight on fox 45 news at five. 3

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